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Informed Armenia project

This project seeks to ensure that journalists and civil society organisations produce and share easy-to-understand information, news articles and contributes to a real debate about budget allocations and spending in Armenia. Duration: 18/05/2018 - 18/12/2019 (19 months), Implementing Partners: Freedom of Information Center of Armenia (FOICA), Maastricht-based European Journalism Center.

Regional trainings on Access to Information and public oversight of the budget have been launched


On October 19, the regional trainings of "Access to Information and Investigative Journalism for better Informed Citizens" Project have been launched. The project aims to ensure that journalists and civil society organizations create and disseminate available information and articles, as well as contribute to a genuine public discussion on budget allocation and spending in Armenia. It is planned to organize 10 regional training for regional NGOs, media organizations and civic groups all over Armenia.

The first regional trainings were held in Shirak and Lori regions on October 19-21, 2018. In each training session 7-8 CSO members and media representatives were present. The trainings were conducted by Project experts Karen Andreasyan, Liana Doydoyan, Hasmik Hakobyan, Anna Hakobyan and Vanik Margaryan.

Karen Andreasyan (Human Rights Expert, European Journalism Center) presented to the training participants a lecture on the topic “Interconnection of Freedom of Information with Other Human Rights”, during which the participants broadened their knowledge in areas such as privacy law, domestic legislation, legislative framework for freedom of expression, journalistic ethics and more. Liana Doydoyan, National Expert on Freedom of Information, presented the training participants with the legal framework for freedom of information, receiving and providing information, modes of providing electronic information and other key topics in the mentioned field. Hasmik Hakobyan (National Fundraising Expert) taught CSOs and media representatives how to find funds, fundraising methods and the importance in case of public work.
Anna Hakobyan, EU-Armenia expert, presented the participants the political and legal instruments of the European Union and Armenia relations, the EU technical assistance tools as well as the experience of civilian oversight of the EU integration process. During the lecturing of Vanik Margaryan, Finance and Budget expert, participants learned how to get information on budget and its performance, how to reveal local and state budget violations, and so on.

The knowledge provided during the trainings will help CSOs be informed about the EU's assistance to Armenia and particularly, how the EU supports the developing programs and in which areas in Armenia. These areas include state projects in public health, transport, environment, energy efficiency and other spheres.
Upon the completion of training courses sub-grants will be awarded to 23 CSOs to enable them to collaborate with government agencies and implement budget-related programs in these areas. Through these 23 sub-grants, they will offer the government to use planning and /or cost-effective measures of budgetary resources.

The Project is implemented by “Freedom of Information” NGO which is co-funded by the European Union and is implemented in cooperation with the Maastricht-based European Journalism Center.

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