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Informed Armenia project

This project seeks to ensure that journalists and civil society organisations produce and share easy-to-understand information, news articles and contributes to a real debate about budget allocations and spending in Armenia. Duration: 18/05/2018 - 18/12/2019 (19 months), Implementing Partners: Freedom of Information Center of Armenia (FOICA), Maastricht-based European Journalism Center.

Sub-Grant Project # 1


Name of the sub-grantee: ALT Telecommunication LLC

Name of the sub-grant project: Supervision and Publicization of Irrigation System Rehabilitation Activities

Brief Description: The rehabilitation of the irrigation system, according to the authorities' interpretation, means reducing irrigation water losses and tariffs, ensuring accessibility. For these purposes, tens of billions of dollars are spent each year, but the exact opposite is happening. losses are rising, tariffs rise, the irrigation water deficit goes deeper. Comparison of the costs and the situation suggests that something in the field is not necessary and it is necessary to understand the situation in the field by establishing public control.

To this end, it is envisaged to conduct monitoring on the expenditure of the irrigation system and the work to be done. Four discussions will be organized with contractor, local government and water users, two reports will be prepared during the project's mid-term and summarizing the final results.
As a result, the rehabilitation of the irrigation system will be spent purposefully and efficiently, which in its turn will alleviate the problems of the field.
The beneficiaries of the program are all the farms and local self-government bodies of Armavir marz.

Target groups are the RA Water Committee, Water Users and Contractor Organizations.

Actions in Brief: 2019 a targeted study of the amounts directed to the recovery of 16.9 billion irrigation systems envisaged by the state budget
Meeting with contracting structures and local self-government bodies
-TV discussion with the Armavir Water Users Association and Local Government Representatives
- Discussion with the representatives of "Echmiadzin" Water Users Association and service area LSG
- TV talk with representatives of "Baghramyan" Water Users Association and Local Self Government Service
Reporting on the geography and expenditure of planned activities
- Preparation and demonstration of up to 5-minute audio-visual report on "ALT" TV and
Monitoring of works and expenditures.
Meeting with public administration, local self-government and contracting organizations
Preparation of report on assessment of work performed and spent resources 

Here is the video about the project.

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