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The Republic of Armenia became a member of OGP in September 2011. Joining the initiative Republic of Armenia expressed its willingness to ensure transparency and accountability in the sphere of public governance and delivery of public services. Freedom of Information Center of Armenia (FOICA) is a pioneer in fostering Open Government Partnership objectives in Armenia by setting up a productive dialogue and cooperation between the Government and civil society. FOICA plays an active role in the development of the OGP Armenia Action Plan, implementation and monitoring of the implementation process against the commitments. Under 27 January, 2012 50-Ա decision of the RA Prime Minister about “Creating a workgroup in order to elaborate the Action Plan for Armenia’s participation in the OGP”, the FOICA was included in the working group.
The official website of the OGP-Armenia is

The new phase of awareness of OGP processes launches


On April 5, 2014 the RA Government launches discussions and consultations on the Armenia Action plan of the Open Government Partnership aimed at making the public aware of the state events to be held during the upcoming two years focusing open and participatory governance.

The goal of the OGP Armenian workshops and meetings in Government – civil society format is to raise the involvement of the society, consolidate citizens’ opinions and ideas to match the programs and events to their needs. The organizers of the meetings will record the recommendations, ideas and viewpoints of the civil society to incorporate those in the 2014-2016 two-year OGP Armenia Action Plan.

The meetings will be organized by the RA Government and the Freedom of Information Center by the support of the USAID/Armenia and UNDP.

Also note that citizens, representatives of NGOs and journalists have the opportunity to provide their opinions and recommendations on the draft OGP 2nd Armenia Action Plan through The draft OGP Armenia Action Plan has been compiled on the basis of suggestions of the working group members. Nonetheless, it is not yet complete; therefore any observations and recommendations from the civil society are welcomed.

The website created by FOICA can serve as a rich resource of information and materials about the international initiative of the Open Government Partnership for each user. Here you can find also information on the OGP principles and priorities as well as refer to the OGP Armenia First Action Plan and the report on its completion.

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