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The Republic of Armenia became a member of OGP in September 2011. Joining the initiative Republic of Armenia expressed its willingness to ensure transparency and accountability in the sphere of public governance and delivery of public services. Freedom of Information Center of Armenia (FOICA) is a pioneer in fostering Open Government Partnership objectives in Armenia by setting up a productive dialogue and cooperation between the Government and civil society. FOICA plays an active role in the development of the OGP Armenia Action Plan, implementation and monitoring of the implementation process against the commitments. Under 27 January, 2012 50-Ա decision of the RA Prime Minister about “Creating a workgroup in order to elaborate the Action Plan for Armenia’s participation in the OGP”, the FOICA was included in the working group.
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Draft of OGP Second Action Plan was discussed


On 18th July, 2014 the OGP joint workshop was organized with the Government and Civil Society representatives. Organized in conjunction with the Government and the Freedom of Information Centre of Armenia (FOICA) NGO, the meeting provided a forum for dialogue between government representatives and civil society organizations on Armenia’s draft National Action Plan as part of the Open Governance Partnership Initiative for 2014-2016.

As mandated by the OGP, collaboration between the Government and civil society is an essential component to realizing Armenia’s commitments to promote transparency, increase public involvement in decision-making processes, fight corruption and utilize new technologies to strengthen governance. Today’s discussions allowed stakeholders to make recommendations pertaining to the draft Action Plan and served as a platform for public involvement in this Government-led effort.

"By rethinking the framework of actions that contribute to transparency and accountability, I think Armenia took an important step forward today,” said Oliver McCoy, the OSCE Office in Yerevan’s Democratization Officer. “This broad effort underpins the government's commitment to maintain an open dialogue with civil society that if successful, will ultimately help bolster confidence in the country's democratic institutions."

The First Deputy Minister-Chief of Government Staff, OGP Co-ordinator for Armenia, Gourgen Dumanyan said: “The Government of Armenia adheres to OGP values and, in close co-operation with civil society, will continue consistent efforts towards increasing the level of transparency and accountability of the state governance system. The Government attaches high importance to working discussions like this, which ensure effective collaboration and constructive dialogue between the government and civil society.”

President of the FOICA NGO, Shushan Doydoyan noted: “Civil society-Government dialogue is a core principle for ensuring OGP values. It is very important that the Government of Armenia takes into account civil society’s suggestions and positions on the country Action Plan for 2014-2016. FOICA consolidates civil society’s efforts to push the Government to adopt ambitious and important commitments towards more transparency and openness.”

Then civil society representatives Liana Doydoyan (FOICA) and Levon Barseghyan (Asparez Journalists’ club) presented their opinions and suggestions for the OGP second Action Plan. OGP IRM reporter Artak Kyurumyan presented the main principles of OGP and assessment methodology of the Action Plans.
As a result of the discussions a document with the recommendations were created and handled to the Government Staff and the OGP Working Group members.

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