Freedom of Information Center of Armenia.

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Success Stories

08.12.2021 - Success Story 36

The Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia confirmed the fact of violation of the Freedom of Information Center's right to receive information by the Yerevan Municipality.

05.09.2019 - Success Story 35

FOICA Sub-grant project outlines problems in E-Justice platforms

05.09.2019 - Success Story 34

Publication and monitoring of the E-health system is the target of FOICA sub-grant project

05.09.2019 - Success Story 33

Residents of Tatev are now more aware of how the community budget is spent

05.09.2019 - Success Story 32

Public oversight of funds spent on road construction projects

05.09.2019 - Success Story 31

Transparent budget-a strong and growing community. Citizens participate in community budget management

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