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Thanks to the initiative of the Freedom of Information Center and with the support of the RA Civil Service Council, from June 2008 the Identification Cards of information and public relations departments’ civil service employees of State Governing Bodies included the duty to publicize the information periodically and compulsory.

Besides, thanks to the FOICA, 46 questions on Freedom of Information and Mass Media legislations, as well as national and international legislations were included in the questionnaires to conduct tender and certifying interviews for state bodies’ employees of information and public relations subdivisions applying for chief, advanced and junior positions. Hence, the employees of information and public relations subdivisions should be strongly aware of the main principles of FOI legislation and their duties defined by law.

It should be noted that on April 17, 2008, by its N 302 decision the RA Civil Service Council included the training course "Freedom of Information and Public Relations in the system of management" in the training program of civil servants responsible for public relations (

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