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Publication and monitoring of the E-health system is the target of FOICA sub-grant project

The introduction of a unified healthcare information system in the Republic of Armenia envisages a comprehensive reform of the healthcare system, which will enable to provide high quality, safe, affordable and accessible medical services. However, people are not well informed about this important reform. People are not aware of what the introduction of an electronic health pystem will change in their daily lives. "Yerkir Media" TV, in cooperation with Freedom of Information Center implements "Promotion of transparency of implementation of the e-Health system and public monitoring" sub-grant project, which is co-funded by the European Union.

The goal is to introduce the system to the public and to establish public oversight of the implementation of the electronic health system. The benefits of the electronic health system were presented to people in a clear and comprehensible language through the project.

E-Health is a system through which the identity card of a citizen is stored on his / her health information. This is the information already existing on his outpatient card. These are the history of illnesses, the medical services received, their funding, drug discharge and details of the course of treatment.

The sub-grant project provided the public with the benefits of introducing an electronic health care system. It included discussions with government officials. A video has been produced that explains in an accessible way what the e-health system is.
Thanks to the work of the sub-grantees, the public got more aware of the e-Health system and the reforms implemented in the health sector.

Here is the video about the project.

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