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Success Stories

28.06.2022 - Success Story 40

This is the first court precedent in Armenia, which refers to proactive transparency; the local public authority was obliged to fulfill the duty established by the FOI law to ensure proactive transparency, based on a judicial act.

13.06.2022 - Success Story 39

On June 9, 2022, the RA Administrative Court upheld the Freedom of Information Center's lawsuit against the Yerevan Municipality for violating the right to freedom of information.

27.04.2022 - Success Story 38

On March 23, 2022, Armenia finally concluded the ratification process of the Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents.

03.02.2022 - Success Story 37

The Ministry of Justice gave a positive conclusion to the petition submitted by the FOICA aimed at increasing the amount of administrative responsibility for violating the right to information.

08.12.2021 - Success Story 36

The Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia confirmed the fact of violation of the Freedom of Information Center's right to receive information by the Yerevan Municipality.

05.09.2019 - Success Story 35

FOICA Sub-grant project outlines problems in E-Justice platforms

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