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Success Stories

05.09.2019 - Success Story 32

Public oversight of funds spent on road construction projects

05.09.2019 - Success Story 31

Transparent budget-a strong and growing community. Citizens participate in community budget management

27.08.2019 - Success Stories 29

The issue of National minorities’ education is the target of “Together for the Right to Quality Education” project

26.08.2019 - Success Stories 30

More than 5,000 young people in Goris are developing community policies to represent the community council

26.08.2019 - Success Stories 28

Prospects and Potential for Energy sector development in Armenia is under the project “Energrtic Alternative of Armenia” sub-grant program

26.08.2019 - Success Stories 27

Provision of transport services to citizens with mobility difficulties is under the target of “Accessible Transport” project

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