Freedom of Information Center of Armenia.

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Success Stories

26.08.2019 - Success Stories 28

Prospects and Potential for Energy sector development in Armenia is under the project “Energrtic Alternative of Armenia” sub-grant program

26.08.2019 - Success Stories 27

Provision of transport services to citizens with mobility difficulties is under the target of “Accessible Transport” project

26.08.2019 - Success Stories 26

Billions are being invested, but the irrigation system is in dire straits. What solutions offers the EU co-financed sub-grant project

17.01.2018 - Success Story 25

On November 24, 2017 the court decision against the RA Road Police came into force for the benefit of FOICA. According to the court decision of RA Administrative Court the RA Road Police is obliged to provide the information that it had not provided before, as well as compensate the expenses of FOICA by paying 50000 AMD. For not providing the information FOICA had applied to the Road Police asking to provide information on road cameras and photo-speedometer devices. The Road Police had not provided any information.

16.10.2015 - Success Story 24

On October 15, 2015, the RA Government adopted a new FOI sub-legal Act regulating new procedure of information provision. This Act coordinated and regulated the work of officials responsible for FOI.

29.09.2015 - Success Story 23

In 2015 the Freedom of Information Centre of Armenia (FOICA) submitted a written information request to 84 state bodies asking to provide the list of service vehicles, their state numbers and the model of each vehicle operated by the given state agency.

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