Freedom of Information Center of Armenia.

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Success Stories

25.09.2015 - Success Story 22

Electronic FOI became a reality in Armenia. The new sub-legal act developed by the RA Ministry of Justice enables citizens, journalists and other requestors to submit electronic requests to the state bodies and get responses according to the procedures set by the Armenian FOI law.

13.10.2014 - Success Story 21

Due to cooperating with the Freedom of Information Center the RA Police have made essential progress towards freedom of information and transparency.

04.03.2014 - Success Story 20

Director of the Yerevan Building Investment Program Implementation Unit SNCO Ruben Harutyunyan was held liable by the decision of December 24, 2013 of the RA Administrative Court for violating the right to freedom of information. This is the third similar precedent when an official is imposed a fine in amount of 50,000 AMD for violating the freedom of information right.

03.03.2014 - Success Story 19

The decrees of the President of the RA National Assembly were publicized thanks to the case initiated against the RA NA. By its Decision of December 28, 2013 the RA Administrative Court upheld FOICA’s claim, thus recognizing the fact of violation of freedom of information right and obliging the NA to provide the rejected information as well as to compensate court expenses FOICA has made.

17.10.2013 - Success Story 18

The Freedom of Information Center, thanks to requests to receive information, made subject to criticism the NGOs that have received grants from the RA President’s Budget and avoided public accountability, thus returning 80 million AMD to the State Budget.

14.03.2013 - Success Story 17

Due to a court case initiated by the Freedom of Information Center on February 19, 2013, by the court decision an administrative penalty (fine at the amount of 80.000 AMD, 30.000 AMD from which is for not providing information to the FOICA's first request, and 50.000 AMD for not providing information to the FOICA's second request) was imposed to the head of the "Daughter Marianna" Co. Ltd Tigran Vardanyan for not providing information to the Freedom of Information Center’s information requests.

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