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Success Stories

26.12.2012 - Success Story 16

According to the decision of the RA Court of General Jurisdiction of Center and Norq-Marash administrative districts (judge Arayik Melqumyan) made on December 21, 2012, the Democratic Party of Armenia was obliged to provide information on finances spent for pre-electoral campaign and to compensate the judicial expenses at the amount of 100.000 AMD as a state fee paid by the FOICA and the lawyer's payment.

25.12.2012 - Success Story 15

Thanks to the consistent efforts of the Freedom of Information Center, the results of the checkups by the State Inspectorate for Surveillance of Markets were posted on this service’s section on the official website of the RA Ministry of Economy (

15.12.2012 - Success Story 14

Because of concealing information, the “Yerevan Urban Development and Investment Programs Department” State Non-Commercial Organization (SNCO) had a three years’ persistent legal fight, wasting state resources on court appeals.

14.12.2012 - Success Story 13

A ruling by First Instance Court of General Jurisdiction, Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities of Yerevan city, RoA, obliged the “Environmental project implementation unit” state agency to provide all the requested information regarding the bonuses and to compensate the legal fees, including state duty and attorney’s fees in the amount of AMD 63,500. Thus, another positive precedent has been added to legally enforcing freedom of informationpractices.

16.11.2012 - Success Story 12

The sample of written information request prepared by the FOICA ( is already posted on websites of more than 10 state bodies, for example,,,,, websites of all 10 regional administrations of the RA, etc.

01.10.2012 - Success Story 11

In 14 court cases out of 37 initiated by the FOICA, the respondent having violated the right to freedom of information, on its own initiative provided the requested information until the end of the trial. This shows that the court cases initiated by the FOICA have also preventive significance.

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