Freedom of Information Center of Armenia.

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Success Stories

28.09.2012 - Success Story 10

In 2012, during the 10th annual "Golden Key and Rusty Lock" award ceremony it was the first time that the negative Rusty Lock award, a symbol of secrecy, was not announced. This shows the consistent work done by the Freedom of Information Center.

04.04.2012 - Success Story 9

In 2011 and 2012, the official website of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration, initiated and developed by the FOICA, 2 times in a row was recognized as the best official web site in Armenia among 52 official websites.

10.08.2011 - Success Story 8

The former Minister of Healthcare Harutyun Kushkyan was included in the FOICA’s Black list of the 2-nd quarter of 2011 for leaving unanswered the FOICA’s 07.02.2012 information request.

31.05.2011 - Success Story 7

On May 13, 2011, three days after President of Freedom of Information Center of Armenia Shushan Doydoyan had published the “Black List” of the officials who had violated the Access to Information Right, the Mayor of Stepanavan, on his own initiative, dismissed the Council of Aldermen’s decision (number 19- Ն), according to which the City Hall charged AMD500 for one page of information.

01.10.2009 - Success Story 6

This initiative of FOICA did not go unnoticed: following this decision, on January 31, 2011, the RA National Assembly adopted the amendments in the RA Code of Administrative Offences, the requirement to write a statement on the fact of FOI administrative violations was removed.

06.07.2009 - Success Story 5

The FOICA is the first and the single organization in Armenia, which managed to impose an administrative penalty via court on the official, who violated the freedom of information right.

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