Freedom of Information Center of Armenia.

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Success Stories

16.04.2009 - Success Story 4

Thanks to the FOICA’s initiative in 2009 it was possible to void the decision of the RA Administrative Court limiting the right of non-governmental organizations to apply to the RA Administrative Court asking to impose administrative penalty on officials.

05.11.2008 - Success Story 3

thanks to the FOICA, 46 questions on Freedom of Information and Mass Media legislations, as well as national and international legislations were included in the questionnaires to conduct tender and certifying interviews for state bodies’ employees of information and public relations subdivisions applying for chief, advanced and junior positions.

14.11.2007 - Success Story 2

The Freedom of information Center is the first NGO that publicizes incomes of the RA high ranking officials and through the analysis informs the public what income officials have compared with the previous years, what property they have purchased and so on.

30.09.2003 - Success Story 1

The Freedom of Information Center initiated and successfully implemented the development and adoption of the RA Law on Freedom of Information in 2003. This was the first and important step of FOICA on the way to ensure the freedom of information in Armenia.

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