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13.02.2019 Brief on the Role and Importance of Access to Information Oversight Bodies

In Armenia, the 2003 Law on Freedom of Information allows information applicants to appeal cases where their requests have been refused to the Human Rights Defender. This, then, represents a case of an appeal to a non-specialized body as opposed to a dedicated RTI body. There are a number of ways in which this body is not specifically tailored to the RTI context.

11.02.2019 Analysis of the Legal Framework for the Right to Information

Toby Mendel, Executive Director, Centre for Law and Democracy, presents the Analysis of the Legal Framework for the Right to Information.

13.09.2013 Over 6.5 billion AMD-worth bonuses received by employees of only 4 state bodies in 2011 and 2012

During 2011 and 2012, employees of the RA Public Services Regulatory Commission, RA Government-Affiliated State Revenue Committee, RA Control Chamber, and the RA National Security Council have received 6.643.111.620 AMD-worth bonuses and total of 14.513.200 AMD-worth gifts.

28.05.2013 How the UK can learn from India's Right to Information Act

A grassroots campaign in India led to a law that helps to tackle corruption and fraud in local and central government

18.04.2013 The Office to the RA President has allocated AMD 500 milliom to 31 NGOs

Development and Integration NGO was financed 6 times during 2011-2012, with total of AMD 74 million and 978 thousand.

16.04.2013 Over 30.000 electronic requests in 1 year

Comparison of the answers received indicates that in 2012 the highest number of electronic requests and applications were received by the RA Ministry of Diaspora: 12,765 requests and applications. The next is the Ministry of Finance which received 8,601 electronic requests and applications during 2012. The 3rd agency having received the third largest number of requests and applications in electronic version is the RA Ministry of Education and Science, with 5,027 electronic requests and applications.

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