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28.04.2005 Return of the Fallen

PENTAGON RELEASES HUNDREDS MORE WAR CASUALTY HOMECOMING IMAGES FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT FORCES OPENING OF 360 NEW PHOTOS CONFIRMS WAR CASUALTY HONOR CEREMONY IMAGES BELONG IN PUBLIC National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 152 April 28, 2005 Washington, D.C., April 28, 2005 - In response to Freedom of Information Act requests and a lawsuit, the Pentagon this week released hundreds of previously secret images of casualties returning to honor guard ceremonies...

01.12.2004 Is There an Open Structure in Shirak?

Nune Arevshatyan Bulletin 12   Close structures? As much as you like... journalists have a big list of close structures – “Armentel”, Public Prosecutor’s Office, Police, tax inspectorate, customs service, quality inspectorate, court services and sometimes separate departments of municipalities. Many people say that in order to get an answer to any question in those structures, one must have very strong nerves .   In Shirak region it is difficult to get...

04.03.2004 Freedom of Information in Regions

Karine Simonyan,  “Ankyun+3” TV company, Alaverdy Bulletin 10 Asking for information from state structures, journalists working in the regions first of all have to answer the following question of the official: “Is the interview for republican or local mass media?” In case the programs or article is prepared for local mass media officials speak more openly and without excessive caution. If the program is prepared for republican mass media, officials are afraid not of larger...

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