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16.04.2013 Over 30.000 electronic requests in 1 year

Comparison of the answers received indicates that in 2012 the highest number of electronic requests and applications were received by the RA Ministry of Diaspora: 12,765 requests and applications. The next is the Ministry of Finance which received 8,601 electronic requests and applications during 2012. The 3rd agency having received the third largest number of requests and applications in electronic version is the RA Ministry of Education and Science, with 5,027 electronic requests and applications.

29.03.2012 Political parties as information holders

Do the political parties have to work publicly? Do they have to, on their own initiative or in case of demand thereof, provide information about themselves and their activities?

10.02.2012 New requirements will be prescribed to official websites

The website of the RoA Ministry of Transport and Communication includes the draft Decree of the Government “On the requirements prescribed to official websites of state agencies”, which envisages streamlining and unifying the requirements that apply to official websites.

16.06.2011 Online Public Notifications are Free and more Effective

The “Law on Online Public Notifications”, which was adopted in 2007, anticipated that all the notifications defined by Law must not only be printed in newspapers and disseminated via television, but also an official website was to be created for public notifications. Because of technical issues, including the incompleteness of the e-governance system, at that time the Law could not be implemented.

26.05.2011 ICT and Good Governance in Armenia

The emergence of an Internet-connected overall society has added a totally new aspect to meaning to the letter “e”. Information and communication technologies have changed literary each sector of society and their access to the public sector has created concepts such as electronic governance (e-governance) and electronic government (e-government).

 Chairman of the ARM Civil Service Council Manvel Badalyan

28.03.2011 “Every Government Employee Ought to Know and Implement the Law on Freedom of Information,”

thinks Chairman of the ARM Civil Service Council Manvel Badalyan

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