Freedom of Information Center of Armenia.

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26.05.2011 ICT and Good Governance in Armenia

The emergence of an Internet-connected overall society has added a totally new aspect to meaning to the letter “e”. Information and communication technologies have changed literary each sector of society and their access to the public sector has created concepts such as electronic governance (e-governance) and electronic government (e-government).

 Chairman of the ARM Civil Service Council Manvel Badalyan

28.03.2011 “Every Government Employee Ought to Know and Implement the Law on Freedom of Information,”

thinks Chairman of the ARM Civil Service Council Manvel Badalyan

20.03.2011 It is Now Easier to Sue Officials

On 31 January, 2011 the ARM National Assembly passed a law of making amendments in the ARM Administrative Procedure Code. This law also defines the order for imposing administrative sanctions on officials, who violate the human access to information right.

14.03.2011 E-governance assures the execution of the constitutional “Access to Information Right”.

Freedom of information is one of the transparency elements of the state governance system.

24.02.2011 The “Law on Freedom of Information” Still Allows Dual Actions

Interview with President of “Freedom of Information Center of Armenia” NGO Shushan Doydoyan

First graduates of the Freedom of Information Educational Center with FOICA's president Shushan Doydoyan and Vache Qalashyan, Head of "Union of Armenian State Servants" NGO

28.01.2011 "Non-Freedom" of Information because of Officials

Since 22 November, 2010 each working day lectures have been organized for civil servants in the Freedom of Information educational center. It was founded with the efforts of "Freedom of Information Center" and "Union of Armenian State Servants" NGOs, with the financial support of the USAID.

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