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06.09.2010 The Assurance of Freedom of Information in the

The website of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia is active since 2005, and in 2010 it was renewed and changed, improving the mechanisms of providing information and the website’s security.

19.05.2010 Information Booths in the Courts of Yerevan

Since October, 2009 in all the courts of Yerevan “Datalex” public information booths have been installed. In the word “Datalex” the Armenian word “dataran” (“court”) and the Latin word “lex” (“law”) are combined. This system allows receiving information about court proceedings in process, the case and the court hall, the date when the case entered court, the day the case was accepted, other dates, the judge and about the conflicting sides. Till the end of the year it is planned to install...

09.03.2010 In Search for Tax Information

By Gayane Papyan “As an experienced accountant it is easy for me”, says Mrs. Gohar who has worked as an accountant for already 20 years and has learned by her own work experience that the taxpayer himself must be interested to dig and find the information needed. “She carries it all on her shoulders. The tax inspection cares little, it may say it has issued the law we should have known”, she says and as an illustration mentions numerous cases that have happened to her, when she...

01.02.2010 The FOIC Could Break the Ice

Since passing the RA law about "Freedom of Information" (2003) the FOICA has been holding trainings with various social groups. Due to the trainings organized by the FOICA during the past 7 years, over 6 thousand people have received knowledge and skills about the use and implementation of the law. Due to the trainings organized only in the period from April, 2008 to 1st of January, 2010, which are implemented in the frames of the “Access to Information for Community Involvement” USAID...

12.01.2010 While Seeking for Information in the State Registry

The first step for launching any business is to create a juridical person, and to do it one needs to be equipped with the appropriate information. And naturally those inquiries lead to the State Registry. However, here one encounters an informational dead-end. No needed information is publicly available in the State Registry – there are no bulletin-boards on the walls. Whereas, according to the 2nd point of the article 11 of the RA law about the “State Registry of Juridical Persons” the...

04.12.2009 “Condominium seems to be blind…?”

Mariam Karapetyan Every morning many of us have to bare dirty porches in our buildings and quite naturally a question is raised “why do I need to pay monthly to the condominium? Why don’t they clean the porch, the yard? Why doesn’t the lift run?” We’re informed that the payment list of obligatory implemented norms defines the condominium’s obligations. By the decision of the Government, the condominiums are obliged to take garbage away at least every three days, to take measures...

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