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FOI annual award ceremony

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Awards winners

On December 10, 2004 the Freedom of Information Civic Initiative (Freedom of Information Center, Civil Society Institute and Media Law Institute) announced FOI Awards winners of 2004. The following nominations were awarded:

  • Positive award for institution with the best system of providing information went to Ministry of Finance and Economy.
  • Award for NGO, which has contributed to the exercising of the rights of access to information went to Helsinki Civil Assembly of Vanadzor (the NGO won the court case against Vanadzor Municipality to have access to official documents).
  • Award for the journalist most actively covering FOI issues went to Naira Bulghadaryan, Vanadzor.

  • Negative award for an institution, which does not fulfill its obligations in under the FOI law went to Yerevan Municipality (for keeping mayors’ decisions in secret from Investigative Journalists and society). The winner received a lock as a symbol for secrecy.

To remind, this nomination was not awarded last year since the law has been just adopted. The nominees were selected by a Jury which was represented by 10 members of local NGOs and media outlets. The 2004 award was held in on-line regime.

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