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FOI annual award ceremony

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Awards winners

FOICA organizes FOI Annual Award Ceremonies since 2003. On December 9, 2005 FOICA has organized the FOI Annual Award Ceremony 2005 devoted to the International Anti-Corruption day.

  • Award for the most open institution went to the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition as the best institution implementing the FOI Law.
  • Award for the NGO, which has contributed to the exercising of the rights of access to information, went to Achilles for the Defense of Drivers Rights NGO.
  • Award for the journalist most actively covering FOI issues and using the FOI Law went to Ruzan Minasyan from Aravot daily.
  • Award for the most active citizen in exercising her/his right of access went to Armenuhi Gevorgyan.

All these winners were awarded with golden keys as symbols of openness.

  • Negative award for an institution which gave the most ridiculous official answer to the information request went to Gyumri Municipality for the following official answer saying:
"You may find the decisions made by the Council of Elders and the community Budget in our web site, which is under construction". FOICA filed a suit against Gyumri Municipality in court and received all the requested information by e-mail.
  • Negative award for an institution, which does not fulfill its obligations under the FOI Law, went to Yerevan Municipality.
These two institutions received negative awards: Locks as symbols of secrecy. The nominees were selected by a Jury which was represented by 7 members of local NGOs functioning in the FOI field.
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