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FOI annual award ceremony

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Awards winners

It is already seven years that Freedom of Information Center organizes Freedom of Information Annual Award Ceremony since 2003. The ceremony is devoted to the International Right to Know Day. The main purpose of this event is to promote transparency and good governance in Armenia.On September 28, 2009 the following nominations were awarded by an independent Jury:

  • Positive Award for the most transparent institution/agency went to Azatan village administration, Shirak region.
  • Positive Award for a state institution/agency with the best e-governance system has been awarded to the Ministry of Territorial Administration.
  • Positive Award for an NGO, which has contributed to the exercising of the access to information right has been awarded to “Huysi Kamurj” NGO (Bridge of Hope).
  • Positive Award for the journalist/media of the best FOI related article/broadcast program has been awarded to Grisha Balasanyan from “Aravot” and “Hayq” newspapers.
  • Positive Award for a citizen who has actively exercised his/her right of access to information has been awarded to the citizen Armen Galstyan.

The winners have been awarded with Golden Keys as a symbol for openness and transparency.

  • Negative award for an institution, which does not fulfill its obligations in FOI field was given to the “Yerevan Construction and Investment Programs” state non commercial organization.

The winner of the negative award received a lock as a symbol of secrecy.

The nominees were selected by an Independent Jury represented by 9 local NGOs’ members, journalists, and scientists in the field. The Jury summed up the results of the monitoring periodically conducted by the FOI Center and their own experience. Another source for unbiased decision-making is the monthly Black list of those officials and institutions which infringed people’s right to access to information (quarterly composed by the FOI Center). The Jury discusses the Black List and monitoring outcomes and made its final decision on each nomination.

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