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Practice of the Judicial Defense of the Right of Access to Information


Albeit the problems in the sphere of implementing the right of access to information the forensic practice of the defense of this right could not remain without positive outcomes. The progress is obvious: the first verdict to penalize an official for not giving information has already been issued. Also, the draft for legal reforms on the Freedom of Information is in the agenda of the RA National Assembly.

Every court case about the freedom of information is already of a great educational importance by itself. Regardless of the final outcome the court cases are broadly covered by the mass media. So, these cases draw the attention of the citizens and officials, growing the awareness about the right of access to information. Besides, these court cases promote to the prevention of violations of the freedom of information. They are a unique warning for the officials that if they hinder the freedom of information they will be made answerable in court. The satisfied cases are also of precedential importance. The judge, respecting his colleagues, takes their verdicts into account, issuing similar verdicts in similar cases.

 Practice of the Judicial Defense of the Right of Access to Information

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