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50 Civil Servants Took Part in Training Sessions


 On February 19, 22, 2018 Freedom of Information Center in cooperation with Civil Service Council organized training sessions for civil servants on the field of Freedom of information. 

Employees of Divisions responsible for the provision of freedom of information in ministries, adjunct bodies and regional administrations participated in the trainings. 25 civil servants took part  in each of the trainings. 
The trainings were implemented according to the program approved by Decision N-82Ա by Civil Service Council on February 6, 2018. Shushan Doydoyan, President of FOICA, Gevorg Hayrapetyan, Head of Administrative Proceedings Division of Personal Data Protection Agency, Liana Doydoyan, FOICA Project coordinator, Ruzanna Khachatryan, Head of Development Programs and Professional Excellence Department as well as David Asatryan, Lawyer in “Rule of Law”.
During the trainings not only the subject of the trainings was represented and discussed but also the participants got the answers to any of their questions. 
All the participants approved of the trainings and expressed their willingness to participate in this kind of trainings once again. In their evaluations forms 92% of participants rated the trainings as very useful, and 8% of participants rated them as useful. All the civil servants mentioned in their evaluations forms that before the training they had the need to refresh their knowledge of the sphere and will use the gained knowledge in their daily work. 
The participants mentioned in their evaluations forms the following opinions: “The training was very instructive. It will be effective to be informed about the innovations of the field at least once a year, so as to be competent civil servants and be useful for the society”. “The training was useful and instructive”. “It was very interesting. I will try to make use of the knowledge in practice.” “We gained new and effective knowledge”.
At the end of the trainings the participants got civil servant certificates of state sample.
Training sessions were organized by the Freedom of Information Center in cooperation with Civic Servant Council within the scope of the project “Access to Information for Good Governance and Community Involvement”. This project is funded through Department of State Public Affairs Section grant. 

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