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Informed and strong youth: Fact-checking for students


In May, the Freedom of Information Center, with the support of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Armenia, conducted an online "Fact-Finding for Students" online course for 50 students of Yerevan-based and regional universities: the first stage - May 19-22, the second stage - May 25-27.

On May 19-21, the Freedom of Information Center held an online course "Fact-checking for Students" for students of Yerevan universities within the framework of the "Informed and Strong Youth" program. The second stage of the "Fact-checking for students" online course was held on May 25-27. This time the students of the regional universities had the opportunity to participate in the course.

The three-day training aimed to impart basic knowledge about fact-checking to young people who are active consumers and disseminators of information flows, to present the main tools and platforms for fact-finding, and to promote their application in professional and everyday life.

The training was conducted by a fact-checking specialist, media researcher Harutyun Tsatryan and Editor-in-Chief of the Fact Investigation Platform ( Ani Grigoryan. The trainers not only provided the participants with theoretical knowledge of fact-checking and introduced the basic tools, but also tested their effectiveness in verifying the various information of interest to the participants.

The recordings of the course are available on the FOICA YouTube page

Fact-checking for students: Day #1

Fact-checking for students: Day #2

Fact-checking for students: Day #3

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