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27.12.2011 - Interview with founding president of Freedom of Information Center of Armenia Shushan Doydoyan

2012 will really be a challenging year for mass media outlets. Unfortunately, in today’s media sphere there is a special treatment for certain politicians and institutions – both negative and positive. In my opinion these attitudes will be more deeply felt especially in the pre-election period. The freedom of speech will more often be violated, and particularly the number of court cases against the press will increase. Self-censorship will increase even more among media outlets.

18.12.2011 - Answer This: Media watchdog says FOI requests not being met according to law

Many officials in Armenia still remain reluctant to work openly and transparently when it comes to providing public information to media, according to data of a recent monitoring conducted by a local media watchdog.

15.12.2011 - Shushan Doydoyan: “Freedom of information should be a part of the pre-election campaign.”

“First thing that we will do is to send the book to all those 50 organizations, which were included in the monitoring, so that they read it, see their shortcomings and come to conclusions. Second, the book will be sent to all the political powers that are preparing for the elections. The book has a separate section of “Suggestions” - what should be done to improve freedom of information in Armenia. We will send it, so that they include our suggestions in their pre-election programs, so that freedom of information becomes a part of the electoral campaign”.

14.12.2011 - National Assembly and Police Are the Worst

Today, the Center for Freedom of Information presented the results of the monitoring of Freedom of Information in Armenia in 2011.

14.12.2011 - Oliver McCoy: media freedom key factor in democracy advancement

Freedom of information, freedom of media as a key element for democracy advancement has been focused on in a meeting of journalists with Oliver McCoy, head of democracy department in OSCE Yerevan Office. “Access to information is a vital requirement in the implementation of human rights and basic values,” he said. According to the OSCE diplomat the laws, judicial field are a part of it, while its implementation is even more important. Oliver McCoy has signified that the...

10.12.2011 - The Rights’ Protection Day as a Day for Focusing on Issues

“It is important that our stand was the first one in the hall, because all the other human rights are built on this right. If you do not have complete information on time, then you cannot fully use your other rights”, stated President of “Freedom of Information Center of Armenia” NGO Shushan Doydoyan.

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