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Civil servants, responsible for FOI , were trained


On 29-30 April, 2015 FOICA together with RA Civil Service Council organized training sessions of civil servants responsible for FOI. The civil servants from RA ministries and Adjunct bodies of the government who represented the offices of information and public departments, participated in the training sessions.

In the first part of the training the participants learn about the RA legislation regulated the freedom of information sphere, issues connected to that sphere as well as the ways of receiving and providing the information. Taking into the consideration that the participants were aware of the main points of the topic, the FOI experts Marine Hakobyan and Gevorg Hayrapetyan riveted participants’ attention on the problems of practical work and represented the legal ways of solution and main principals of providing them.

The second part of the training was about the direct and indirect forms of communication with citizens and public relations platform. The chief of the council scientific-educational department Gegham Sargsyan represented the tendencies of civil service development, then the topic was changed into the interpersonal relations (communication with the citizens, employer-employee relations).

At the end of the training FOI expert, OGP-Armenia civil network coordinator Liana Doydoyan represented the main principals of the Open government partnership initiatives, OGP processes and the Action Plan of the RA.

The two-days trainings fulfilled the FOICA together with Civil Service Council with the decision N302-Ա , dated 17 April, 2008. After the training the participants received state sample of diploma.

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