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State bodies often don’t implement provisions set under Law on “Freedom of Information”


YEREVAN, MARCH 31, ARMENPRESS. Not in all cases the state bodies implement the provisions set by the Law on “Freedom of information”, Liana Doydoyan – Chairwoman of the Freedom of Information Center, told a press conference in Armenpress.

The Center conducted a monitoring over information provision, observing oficial websites of 37 bodies. “The monitoring results are negative, we see that in some cases the minimum requirements set under the law are often not being implemented. For instance, it is deyned that the website must have a section of frequently asked questions. In case of receiving the same question more than 5 times the state bodies must publish its answer in that section.

The monitoring results show that not only the frequently asked questions have not been updated, but also there is no update on information about budget performance”, Liana Doydoyan said.

The monitoring results also reveal that the picture in websites of governorates is positive. Liana Doydoyan said the websites of governorates have been created on one platform, currently active information is being published.

“The situation of websites of Ministries is quite complex. Each one works in its form, in many cases citizens face confusion. For instance, if they want statistical data, they don’t know which section to enter, statistics or reporting section, or another one”, she said.

She stated that the contact information of a person who is responsible for providing information must be published in ofycial websites. The observations of the Freedom of Information Center reveal that in most of the websites the abovementioned person’s contact information are not published.

The monitoring is conducted by the support of the SecDev Foundation.

Source: Armenpres News Agency

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