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FOICA Sub-Grant Projects have Launched


Within the framework of INFORMED ARMENIA project run by Freedom of Information Center NGO, 13 Yerevan-based and regional NGOs and media organisations will implement sub-grant projects during the upcoming 4 months for the institutional development of one's capacity in the public interest.

Implementation of sub-grant programs will contribute to capacity building of the above mentioned CSOs in the areas of monitoring, public oversight and protection of public interest, as well as development of Government / LSG-CSO cooperation. as well as develop dialog between civil society and the government.

The projects are co-financing by the European Union and refer to the public accountability of the EU-Armenia agreements' projects, such as transport, youth policy, environment, anti-corruption and anti-discrimination.

The subgrants are being implemented within the framework of the project "Access to Information and Investigative Journalism for Better Informed Citizens", implemented by the FOICA in co-operation with the Maastricht-based European Journalism Center.

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