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Working in a conflict zone. The speaker is Thomas Mutch


How to prepare before leaving for the conflict zone, what to read, what to wear, and what to take with you ․ The guest of the future journalists on April 1 was New Zealand military journalist Thomas Mutch.

The international journalist with extensive experience in covering conflicts in different parts of the world was in Armenia and Artsakh in the fall. He covered not only the course of the war but also the post-war processes and their impact on different spheres of public life.

The meeting with Thomas was organized by the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia, YSU Faculty of Journalism. within the framework of an online series of meetings entitled "Conflict Reporting and Safety of Journalists".

At the beginning of the meeting, Thomas Mutch presented his experience of covering conflicts in different countries, then told in detail about his work, feelings, and emotions during the Artsakh war.

Answering the students' questions, Thomas mentioned that the most important thing for him is the principle of maintaining the confidentiality of the source. "It should be remembered that often, by revealing secret sources, you not only violate the ethical rule, but you can endanger the life of the source. At the same time, we must not forget that the disclosure of secret sources can hinder other journalists as well. ”

The journalist with a very dangerous profession also set the golden rule for journalists covering conflicts: "The most important thing is your safety ․ No photo, no shot is worth your life”. 

The English recording of the meeting is here: Conflict Reporting and Safety of Journalists։ Meeting with Thomas Mutch: 1.04.2021


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