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FOICA submitted two proposals for OGP/Armenia 5th Action Plan


Freedom of Information Center of Armenia (FOICA) in the frame of Open Government Partnership (OGP) submitted two proposals to the Government for Armenia’s 2022-2024 action plan.

The two proposals submitted by FOICA are in line with OGP principles. They are designed to formulate a common policy of official communication and act using the advantages of innovative mechanisms, as well as promote transparency and accountability of freedom of information via directly contributing to the expansion of public participation and increasing its effectiveness.

FOICA proposes to develop and adopt common state communication policy and effective mechanisms. For the effective implementation of this commitment it is necessary to explore various models of management, as well as organization of government communication in advance, identify problems and challenges in the sphere of formal communication, and define the opportunities and resources to overcome them.

The aim of the FOICA second proposal is to promote transparency, accountability and freedom of information in the public administration system by introducing a mechanism to assess transparency and publicity of the public administration system.

It is proposed to develop and implement a self-assessment system on Freedom of information to fulfill the Freedom of Information obligations, as well as develop and publish complete, fact-based databases on their effectiveness. The state authorized body will be able to use it every year to assess the realization of Freedom of information rights in the public administration system.

  FOICA OGP Proposal 1(armenian)

  FOICA OGP Proposal 2(armenian)


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