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The model of the RA National Strategy for Combating Disinformation was presented in Brussels


Armenia is the first EaP state to develop a national strategy to combat disinformation Shushan Doydoyan, President of the Freedom of Information Center, participates in the Eastern Partnership and Central Asian Civil Society Workshop on Combating Disinformation on June 2-3 in Brussels.

The workshop was attended by representatives of authoritative international media, media experts, civil society leaders, who made reports on the exchange of experience and the best results. Our partner of the Public Journalism Club, Seda Muradyan, also participated in this series of workshops, who comprehensively presented a number of issues aimed at strengthening media literacy.

In the first part of the workshop, FOICA President Shushan Doydoyan presented the model of developing resilience through the National Strategy for Combating Disinformation. In particular, she presented the example of Armenia's national strategy on combating disinformation, the main goal, the three main directions of the defined goal, the outlined steps to achieve them, the expected results, as well as the risks.
Referring to the main goal of the national strategy, the FOICA President noted that the goal of the strategy is to find and prevent the spread of disinformation, ensure the appropriate response of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, reducing the possible risks and consequences of disinformation.

‘’Struggle against disinformation has been a top priority for the Armenian Government and civil society since Revolution in 2018. There have been a number of initiatives and projects aimed at tackling disinformation, however they all had a common disadvantage: the efforts have been fragmental and uncoordinated, consequently, their impact was so. Early this year, the Armenian civil society and the government initiated the development of the Strategy against Disinformation for creating strategic responses and building National Resilience. We started to work closely and jointly to ensure a coordinated and consistent approach. The strategy unites the efforts of the government, civil society and citizens to combat disinformation. The document defines the strategic directions of the fight against misinformation. It is called to prevent the spread of disinformation, to keep the public from its possible consequences’’,-said Mrs Shushan Doydoyan.

The FOICA President presented the document in detail, answered the questions of the participants.

Let us inform you that the strategy for combating disinformation is now at the stage of public discussion. The official approval of the document is planned this year.

  Shushan Doydoyan's speech


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