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Media Freedom Literacy Roundtable


Media freedom literacy encompasses the skills and knowledge necessary to protect and promote media freedom, understand the ethical and legal implications of the media in today’s digital information ecosystem and communicate effectively, including by creating content.

This Roundtable event will explore the intrinsic connection between media freedom and media literacy, using a cross-sectoral, human rights-based approach. It will offer a multi-stakeholder platform for international exchange and policy learning in the area of media and digital information literacy. More specifically, the Round Table will work to create synergies among key international media literacy actors, identify the existing gaps and showcase successful fact-checking and other relevant platforms and methods, as well as policy making initiatives.

The key-note speakers and participants will share ideas on the collective efforts required by several stakeholder groups in the OSCE region, including governments, civil society, academia and media, to create an enabling environment for everyone to freely access a plurality of information. The discussions will focus on how to develop meaningful response to information disorders that are here to stay and to help societies critically access, use information and participate in democratic debates. The event will also discuss the role of public service media in advancing media literacy by delivering quality content to various segments in the society including marginalized voices.

 Shushan Doydoyan presentation. Media Freedom Literacy in South Caucasus

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