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The Power of “Black List” and “Rusty Lock”


On 13 May, 2011, three days after president of Freedom of Information Center of Armenia Shushan Doydoyan had published the “Black List” of the officials who had violated the Access to Information Right, by his own initiative the Mayor of Stepanavan dismissed the community aldermen’s decision (number 19- Ն), according to which for one page of information the City Hall charged AMD500. On 13 May, 2011 Mayor of Stepanavan Mr. Gharakeshishyan informed about it. It is worth reminding that it was because of this decision that he was included in the annual and quarterly “Black Lists” of the FOICA, as well as on 28 September, 2010 he received a “Rusty Lock” award of the FOI Annual Award Ceremony.

Moreover, the “Helsinki Citizens' Assembly” Vanadzor office had tried to make the abovementioned decision void in court, but on 24 March, 2011 the ARM Administrative Court dismissed the claim, and #19- Ն decision was upheld. So, it was only due to the strong criticism of the FOICA and the press, that the Mayor of Stepanavan by his own decision had to dismiss #19- Ն decision “about setting local fees for copies of City Hall’s decisions.”

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