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Presentation of the Websites of the 10 ARM Regional Administrations


On September 26 in the regional administration of Kotayk in the city of Hrazdan the presentation of the modernized websites of the 10 ARM regional administrations took place. The new websites were prepared in the framework of “Access to Information for Community Involvement” project implemented by “Freedom of Information Center of Armenia” NGO with the financial support of USAID Armenia.

During the presentation ARM First Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration Vache Terteryan stated, “Information resources with quite big opportunities have been created. Using the modern technological solutions it has become possible to make a lot of information about a specific region and community accessible for the public. We hope that the websites will be operative, will ensure contact with the public, will allow citizens to learn not only about the decisions of regional administrations, but also about those of community and municipality leaders and aldermen, hence, promoting transparency in the activities of local self-government bodies”.

“Armenia is striving to improve its e-governance system. It is an honor for us to support the development of similar websites for regional administrations that will be relevant to the international standards of freedom of information and particularly to the ARM “Law on Freedom of Information”, stated USAID Armenia Chief Executive Steven Bragger.

Kotayk Regional Administrator Kovalenko Shahgaldyan said, “The modernized websites, indeed, will promote the publicity of the activities of the Regional Administration and the more transparent organization of public awareness activities. The websites will be a best promotion for the more effective communication between the state government system and the public”.

FOICA President Shushan Doydoyan underlined the importance of the fact that these modernized resources provide broad opportunities for regional administrations to fulfill their duties – “with self-initiative make the information under their possession accessible for the public”.

All the information subject to mandatory publication and of public importance is posted on the websites. In the website users may read about the FOI legislation, as well as track their information requests, letters and applications. The websites were created and developed by “Helix Consulting” company.

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