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The FOICA publishes controversial documents on Mashtots Park


Today the Yerevan municipality timely provided full answers to the Freedom of Information Center’s information request dated 20.02.2012 about construction works in Mashtots Park. The complete response contain 3-page letter together with 28 pages attachments.

Analysing the provided documents, it becomes clear that Mashtots Park land allocations were made in 2001-2006 with 5-25 year duration by the former mayors Mr. Robert Nazarian and Mr. Yervand Zakharyan. Only one land allocation was fulfilled in 2011 – a 12.56 square meters land was provided to "Artak Harutyunyan" IE with 5-year duration.

So why the land allocations have been made 10 years ago, but the construction works are taking now? And why the problem is connected with the pavilions removed from the Abovyan Street? We are waiting for the Municipality’s comment.

The answer of Yerevan Municipality and the attached documents are available here in Armenian.

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