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Hamalsaranakanner condominium goes underground?


It has been 3 months now that the RA Administrative Court is looking for the chairman of the Hamalsaranakanner Condominium Armen Tatevosyan to hand over a notice of a court session. However, as it turns out, Hamalsaranakanner Condominium and its chairman are operating underground: Their activity address is not registered by any of the Armenian information directories. The notices sent by the court to all possible addresses were returned due to failure to find the adressee.

The Freedom of Information Center of Armenia filed a lawsuit against the chairman of the condominium Armen Tadevosyan on November 11, 2011 for failure to provide information and for working in secret. In particular, the FOICA had requested information on grounds for the pricing of the fees for the apartment house at 55/5 Tsarav Aghpyuri, Yerevan the amount of the money for services, grounds for pricing of the amount of money for services, a copy of the 2011 budget of Hamalsaranakanner condominium, and other information about the activities of the condominium. By this lawsuit FOICA demands to oblige the Hamalsaranakanner condominium to provide the requested information within a five-day period as well as to make the requested information available in a public place.

Note that this particular condominium is meant to serve the building at 55/5 Tsarav Aghbyuri envisaged for Yerevan State University faculty built under the auspices of the RA President.

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