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22.03.2021 Conflict Reporting and Safety of Journalists։ Meeting with Vudi Xhymshiti

The Freedom of Information Center of Armenia, in cooperation with the YSU Faculty of Journalism, organizes a series of online courses dedicated to the peculiarities of journalists' work during conflicts. Journalists-experts with many years of experience, who covered the 44-day Artsakh war, share their knowledge and experience with the participants. They tell how to cover conflicts, contributing to its peaceful settlement and maintaining personal security.

12.02.2021 STATEMENT

On 11 February, the parliament adopted a draft law authored by Alen Simonyan, Vice Speaker of the parliament, in the first reading, according to which the maximum amount of damages awards in defamation and insult cases must be multiplied by five to reach 10 mln and 5 mln AMD, respectively. We hereby note that yet another time the National Assembly is adopting legislation concerning the mass media, which is not founded on profound research and advice of competent experts.

20.01.2021 "A1+": Post-war stories

A1 + TV journalist Karine Asatryan, during her visit to Artsakh with her international colleague, recorded and videotaped the emotional thoughts of the people of Artsakh and the post-war daily life.

19.01.2021 Black List 2020

The Freedom of Information Center of Armenia has published the Black List 2020. The annual list included those officials who violated the right to access to information in 2020.

18.01.2021 Cultural Heritage and Artsakh war

International journalist Nicholas Match in his article "Cultural Heritage Is Caught Up in the Conflict Over Nagorno-Karabakh" telling about an Armenian priest fighting to defend an ancient monastery after a quick, decisive Artsakh war.

12.01.2021 The wounds of war are open and painful

During her visit to post-war Artsakh, Karine Asatryan, a journalist from A1+ TV, wrote down the memories of children and teenagers who saw the war.

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