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04.08.2021 STATEMENT

The opening session of the National Assembly of the 8th convocation convened on 2 August was accompanied with strict restrictions to the movement of media representatives in the parliament. Journalists and cameramen were not allowed into the new parliamentary building where sessions of the standing commissions are convened, nor enter the area accommodating the rooms of he representatives of the parliamentary majority, nor even use certain lobbies where they used to take interviews and comments from MPs.

12.07.2021 TAAP: FOICA launched a new project

Freedom of Information Center started a new project. The project is implemented within the framework of the “Data for Accountable and Transparent Activity” (DATA) project․ “Transparent, Affordable and Accountable Procurement” Project is implementing together with “NGO Center” Civil Society Development NGO (NGO Center) and “Community and the Youth” youth and advisory NGO.

07.07.2021 STATEMENT

Drafts amending the decision No 1230-N of the RA Prime Minister dated 19 September 2018, the decision no 1104-N of the RA Government dated 30 August 2012, and the decision No 982-N of the RA Government dated 22 September 2016 have recently been posted on the website The first of them foresees non-disclosure on the website of any information on the objectives of the official trips, discussed topics, meetings, speeches of and decisions adopted by public officials.

06.07.2021 STATEMENT

The Special Investigative Service decided to reject the institution of criminal proceedings on the facts of obstructing the professional activities of Anush Dashtents, correspondent of Hraparak Daily, seizing the latter’s mobile phone, breaking its password, and deleting the video material allegedly committed by MP Hayk Sargsyan.

31.05.2021 Informed and strong: The next step

The second stage of the "Fact-checking for students" online course was held on May 25-27. This time the students of the regional universities had the opportunity to participate in the course.

21.05.2021 Informed and strong: Turning students into Fact-checkin

On May 19-21, the Freedom of Information Center held an online course "Fact-checking for Students" for students of Yerevan universities within the framework of the "Informed and Strong Youth" program.

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