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05.05.2023 Armenia struggles against information disorder through strategic solutions

For creating strategic responses and building national resilience against information disorder, at present, the Armenian Government is discussing the national Strategy and the Action plan against disinformation developed by the Freedom of Information Center (FOICA) and Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) initiative and cooperation. The strategy unites the efforts of the government, civil society, and citizens to combat disinformation in the country.

06.04.2023 Statement: consider holding the Speaker of the National Assembly accountable

We urge the majority of the RA National Assembly to immediately establish an ethics commission to investigate the incident, and to consider holding the Speaker of the National Assembly accountable.

24.02.2023 Thematic meetings of BO are ongoing

Taking into account the difficulties of participation of regional representatives in the meetings organized in Yerevan, on February 24, the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia organized an online meeting with the Goris Press club, giving the representatives of remote regions the opportunity to receive answers to their pressing questions related to the topic.

22.02.2023 Prior to the BO declaration

On February 21, the Freedom of Information Center in Armenia together with the Camber of Trade and Industry of RA organized a meeting and discussion on the topic of BO declaration.

13.01.2023 Statement on Restrictions Under Martial Law

We also express our deep concern that in a country presenting democracy as a national brand the government has published such a document.

10.01.2023 Declaration of Beneficial owners: discusses the business community

Today, representatives of more than 5 dozen business organizations participated in the discussion initiated by the Freedom of information center of Armenia on the topic of declaration of beneficial owners.

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