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01.03.2012 Hamalsaranakanner condominium goes underground?

t has been 3 months now that the RA Administrative Court is looking for the chairman of the Hamalsaranakanner Condominium Armen Tatevosyan to hand over a notice of a court session. However, as it turns out, Hamalsaranakanner Condominium and its chairman are operating underground:

29.02.2012 The FOICA publishes controversial documents on Mashtots Park

Today the Yerevan municipality timely provided full answers to the Freedom of Information Center’s information request dated 20.02.2012 about construction works in Mashtots Park. The complete response contain 3-page letter together with 28 pages attachments.

10.02.2012 A 3 year long court case came to an end with FOIC’s victory

Because of concealing information, the “Yerevan Construction and Investment Projects Implementation Agency” State Non-Commercial Organization (SNCO) had a three years’ persistent legal fight, wasting state resources on court appeals.

01.02.2012 White and Black Lists 2011

For the first time the Freedom of Information Center publishes a White List of those officials and institutions that reviewed their activities after being included in the quarterly Black Lists, and carried on reforms that improve information accessibility.

01.02.2012 The Judge is unaware of the public importance organizations

In December 2011, the Freedom of Information Center (FOI Center) filed a suit with the Administrative Court of the Republic of Armenia against “Ashtarak Kat” and “Doostr Marianna” LTD as they have violated the FOI center’s right to receive information. However, on the 23rd and 26th of January, the court rejected the complaint against “Ashtarak Kat” and “Doostr Marianna” LTD, claiming that the listed companies are not public organizations and do not hold information of public importance.

26.12.2011 Black List 2011, 3nd & 4rd Quarter

These officials have violated the human access to information right during the 3rd &4rd quarter of 2011

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