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12.09.2022 Countering disinformation

On September 11, a three-day network event on the topic of combating disinformation and fact-checking was launched, in which 4 dozen CSOs and local governments from different regions of Armenia participated.

27.08.2022 Beneficial ownership data: Workshop for CSOs and journalists

The Opening Extractives (OE) programme, jointly implemented by the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and Open Ownership, is organising a two-day workshop together with the Freedom of Information Centre of Armenia (FOICA) for civil society organisations (CSOs) and journalists. The aim for this workshop is to raise awareness on the importance of quality and timely beneficial ownership (BO) data, and to share skills, tools, and methodologies to analyse and use BO data.

07.07.2022 The draft of the national strategy for combating disinformation has been submitted for public discussion

It should also be noted that Armenia is the first among the countries of the Eastern Partnership to develop a strategy to combat disinformation.

04.07.2022 The opening of street art entitled "You have the right to know" took place

Participating journalists personally took part in the fascinating and symbolic initiative, leaving their fingerprints on the wall bordered with the shades of the OGP program, as a sign of the importance and participation of journalists in ensuring freedom of information.

04.07.2022 Young people reminded about the right to know with colorful paints

Information is power, and everyone has the right to information to exercise all their other rights. On July 2, a group of students stamped a reminder of the right to information with colorful paints on one of the pillars of the newly built bridge in Yerevan on Gevorg Chaushi Street. The street art entitled "You have the right to know" was organized with the support of the EU and by the Center for Freedom of Information within the framework of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

28.06.2022 Strategic victory in the field of proactive transparency

The Court of Appeal fully upheld the Freedom of Information Center's lawsuit against 7 municipalities (regional centers), obliging them to publish on their official websites all 13 groups of information subject to mandatory publication defined by the RA Law on Freedom of Information.

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