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Completed FOICA projects

24. "Freedom of the Press, Right to Know" Photo Exhibition 2012


On May 3, 2012 the FOICA organized the second Photo Exhibition “Freedom of the Press, the Right to Know” in order:

  • To draw the public and the government’s attention on the press freedom and freedom of information issues;
  • To generate a public debate over the issues;
  • To conduct a scrutiny on how the FOI and FOE rights are exercised in Armenia.

"Freedom of the Press: the Right to Know" was the theme of the exhibition that opened in Yerevan, on 3 May, 2012  to mark World Press Freedom Day. 

The aim of the one week exhibition is to reflect on the challenges and opportunities of exercising the right to information, and to remind the government, media representatives and the public at large of their role in achieving this right. All photos/caricatures included in the exhibition, over 70 in total, were published in a catalogue.



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