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Completed FOICA projects

32.Technical Support to Information Disputes Council


The project goal is to strengthen extra-judiciary mechanisms for solving media related disputes and to achieve better protection and promotion of the freedom of expression in Armenia.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To provide technical assistance to the Information Disputes Council (IDC) as well as foster stabilization of this body;
  • To strengthen the legal capacity of Information Disputes Council (IDC) by enhancing its efficiency in providing alternative resolution of media related disputes as an extra-judicial body.

Project Outputs:

  • Expert opinions are prepared by a legal expert on 8 court cases related to defamation and insult and presented to the attention of the IDC;
  • One joint workshop is organized for journalists and lawyers, including those representing clients in freedom of expression litigation, focusing on IDC’s opinions on relevant court cases, alternative ways for solving information disputes, experiences of international courts and finally, ethical behaviour of journalists;
  • IDC official web site is regularly updated and maintained;
  • The second volume of the collection of IDC expert opinions is compiled, published and widely disseminated.

The Project is supported by the OSCE office in Yerevan. Project duration is 4 months (May- August 2013).  More about IDC you can visit


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