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Completed FOICA projects

18. Access to Information for Community Involvemen”


The primary goal of the Project is to support the people’s involvement and participation in governance and addressing public issues and development of a transparent and accountable local government through promoting effective and efficient access to information.


The four primary strands under the grant are:


  • Training of various actors (2 years)
  • Public Education Campaign (2 years)
  • Improvement of Freedom of Information legislation and creation of by-laws (1st year)
  • Legal advisory and strategic litigation on access to information (1st year)

Results: During March 28, 2005 – May 31, 2007 within the scope of “Access to Information for Community Involvement” Project:


24 training sessions were organized in Yerevan city and all regions of Armenia. Training participants were 236 local media and NGO representatives, lawyers, active citizens, teachers, students, and young activists, and 400 local government representatives.
22 TV talk shows were produced in Yerevan and all regions of Armenia with central and local TV Stations. During the talk shows the participants presented the main provisions of the Freedom of Information Law, legal basis for protection of the access to information rights, as well as concrete cases of violations of FOI rights and success stories. 3 social TV ads were shot and broadcast.
8 issues of You Have a Right to Know bulletins were published and disseminated. The Black List of officials and agencies that have violated the Freedom of Information Law during the reporting period is also published in every issue.
Workshop on Freedom of Information in Armenia and FOI Annual Award Ceremony were held and best actors in FOI field were awarded with prizes. Yerevan principles on Freedom of Information were adopted.
The model FOI web site was created It contains the FOI legislation of the RA, FOICA prepared amendments to RA laws, information on FOI situation in Armenia, FOICA activities in the FOI field, news on FOI, Black List of officials that have violated the peoples access to information right, Court cases regarding the FOI and other information. The website materials are in Armenian and English.
9 pieces of legal acts and by-laws were drafted and presented to RA Government and RA National Assembly approval.
FOICA regional lawyers have consulted 913 people. In 390 cases the lawyers helped citizens to write and send requests. The Freedom of Information Center has sent 62 requests by its own initiative. State officials have responded to 361 out of 390 requests. 20 requests were denied and 9 requests remained unanswered by public bodies. Unanswered or illegally denied requests have been judicially disputed in 8 cases (7 court cases are already successfully completed).

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