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Completed FOICA projects

38. Crowdsourcing Platform for the Monitoring of Official Vehicles


It is proposed to create a public monitoring platform in order to monitor the usage of vehicles of the public officials, identifying and publicizing incidences of abuse of public resources. Afterwards the collected evidences such as photos or videos with the geolocation will be uploaded in the on-line platform. The information will be publicized in traditional and social media. The collected data will also be transferred to the RA Ethics Commission for further investigation.

The project activities are:

         - Acquiring and development of public vehicles database,

         - Development of the mobile application and interface,

         - Engaging citizens and implementing public awareness campaign,

         - Sending all the reports to the RA Ethics Commission.

The project is supported by the United Nations Development Pragramme. Project duration is 4 months (December 2014 - March 2015).

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