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Completed FOICA projects

19. The Right to Know


The three objectives of the project are:


1. Enhancing mechanisms within local communities to provide public oriented information.


FOICA produced 70 special metallic billboards, which were placed in all targeted 17 communities.


2. Public awareness Campaign on the right of access to information as a tool for protection of human rights.


FOICA fulfilled a campaign to urge local authorities to include a separate line in community budgets for financing the obligatory publications and answering the information requests, as well as to establish the positions of Information Officers.


3. Monitoring


The monitoring in the FOI field with the following objectives was conducted:

  • To summarize 3 years FOI law implementation practice (since 2004) and RA Constitutional new provisions on access to information (since 2005). 
  • To examine government transparency level through scrutinizing Public Procurement.
  • To find out current problems and shortcomings in protection of the right to have access to information linked with other human rights.
  • To evaluate and analyze how the persons who requested the information were treated how the government offices and agencies responded, and the nature and quality of the responses to the requests.  

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