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Completed FOICA projects

41. Civil Community for Open and Accountable Government


The Project is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Yerevan.The Project started on June 10, 2016,ended January 31, 2017. 

The project objectives are:


  1. Enhancing OGP Action Plan/Armenia for 2016-2018 through ensuring civic participation and input. The objective aims to development an Action Plan that reflects civil society priorities and needs and is aimed at transparent governance. 
  2. Empowering government and civil society partnership through mobilization and engaging CSOs and the media in the OGP processes in Armenia. This objective will contribute to partnership and effective monitoring capacity of civil society, thus leading to increased transparency by strong civil society. 
  3. Increasing public awareness on participatory and effective Open Government Partnership. 

The following activities are planned in order to achieve the project goal and objectives:

A. OGP Public Forum with CSOs and the Media. The event will ensure a platform for the civil society to participate in the development process of the document, to present their suggestions/ideas to be considered by the Government. 

B. OGP workshop with Government and CSOs representatives. The workshop will provide a unique forum for a constructive dialogue between the NGOs and the Government, where they not only position themselves but also engage in a collaborative debate.

C. Development of an alternative Assessment Report on the Government’s Implementation of OGP Second Action Plan. 

E. Produce and disseminate an electronic newsletter on OGP in Armenia. The Newsletter will cover the OGP Armenian processes, OGP related news and interviews with Government and CS representatives. 

F. Produce TV stories on OGP issues. Starting from July, 2016, 10 minute duration video reportage/materials will be produced and aired every Sunday on Yerkir Media TV "Earth Week" program’s separate OGP addendum “Public watch”. 



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