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Completed FOICA projects

45. Promoting Open Government Partnership in Armenia


The overall goal of the Concept was aimed at promoting transparency and accountability of the Government through CSO networking, ensuring public oversight of implementation of the OGP commitments of the Armenian Government and raising public awareness towards a participatory and effective Open Government Partnership.

  • Enable a constructive dialogue between the government and the civil society;
  • Ensure civil society participation in the development processes of the 4th National Action Plan;
  • Collect feedback, assessments and recommendations of the civil society representatives;
  • Mobilize and engage CSOs in the processes of OGP in Armenia;
  • Improve public awareness and understanding of OGP impact for Armenia.

Activity 1. Strategic and outreach meetings 

1.1 It is planned organize 1 strategic meeting of the Civil Society Forum in Yerevan, aimed at concerting civil society efforts in the implementation process of the 3rd country action plan. The findings of the IRM research will also be presented and discussed.

1.2 In addition, 3 outreach meetings for regional engagement will be held in the regions of Armenia to popularize the concept of OGP and its implications for the citizenry. 

Activity 2. OGP workshop with Government and CSOs representatives.
It is planned to organize one joint workshop with Government and CSO representatives to design new OGP commitments for the 4th Action Plan, as well as to summarize regional outreach meetings’ outcomes. 
Campaigning for OGP 
  • OGP and FOI Award Ceremony 
  • To produce and publish 1 social advertisement video material “OGP-Armenia”. 
  • To produce E-newsletter on OGP in Armenia
  • platform will be regularly updated,
  • Develop and disseminate printed materials to be produced and disseminated to public; 

 The Project was supported by the Tides Center and OGP Support Unit. The Project duration: 1 April-31 December, 2018.

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