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Completed FOICA projects

59. Open Government-Open Recovery


The Project was supported by the UNDP/Kolba lab within the "Future Today" project supported by the EU. 

The “Open Government-Open Recovery” project was a high-impact, multi-layered initiative that will run for 10 months. The initiative was aimed at overcoming the challenges posed by governance processes due to the complex issues facing the CODID 19. This interactive initiative will enable to overcome quickly and effectively new challenges with innovative rapid response tools and sustainable methodological models that will enable the public to participate directly in the development of strategic and ongoing programs, their implementation and assess their effectiveness. 

The project was implemented through incubation of ideas for citizens, adapted public awareness actions, involvement of the public sector, through joint efforts to restore, re-launch the vision of open, transparent and participatory governance. 
The presented project is aimed at solving the problem of government transparency, increasing accountability, increasing the role of civil society in governance processes, at the stage of overcoming the complex challenges facing Covid 19's "country". Nowadays, proactive online publishing tools are becoming especially important, as well as online platforms through which the public will be able to respond quickly to government programs. On the other hand, the government should have a quick and targeted opportunity to present to the public about the programs being implemented. Currently, the Government of the Republic of Armenia, in cooperation with civil society, is developing a new, 5th National OGP Action Plan. Under this program, among other things, public emergency response operations can be created in crisis situations. In this regard, it becomes a priority to involve as many stakeholders as possible in the development phase of the Project.

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